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"Switch Your Thinking helped me look at my problems differently. I didn't feel stressed or overwhelmed, I was able to keep my focus on solutions. Seeing my problems in a different way opened up new solutions to me."

Jenny Chen

"Just wanted to say a big thankyou for sending me Switch Your Thinking.
Like yourself I have read dozens of inspiring books over the years, but find myself with a head full of insight and knowledge, not quite knowing how to apply what I have learnt.
Your book is a winner, and throughout my life I have always found the most powerful tools and helpers are always the things that contain great simplicity."

Rebecca Sladek

"Switch Your Thinking was great. I've read over the years Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as well as The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, as well as many others. I found Switch Your Thinking was all the other books all wrapped into one. It was good for me as I don't read a great deal with my working hours. Thank-you!"

Robert Bradley
Business Owner

Switch Your Thinking is a clear-cut self-help guide to problem-solving. Drawing from a number of best-selling authors (including Dr. Phil McGraw and Anthony Robbins), Hanley details the way many struggle with a range of problems they face in their every day. We are introduced to four tips that readers can use to create viable solutions to any problem.
Believing this also fosters personal development, we are encouraged to apply solutions that require a new way of thinking or a way of doing things. The additional problem-solving guide assists readers when assessing problems and brain-storming a range of possible solutions. While completing my own guide, I found Hanley's offering invaluable especially when evalutaing problems.

Fotini DAngiris, Journalist

I gave Switch Your Thinking to a friend who was miserable. She did not want to see a psychologist, so I felt it might be of value to her. When I saw Annette again she was beaming. She said although the problems hadnít been solved yet, just starting with a concrete plan made her feel more in control. Switch Your Thinking has a very practical approach to solving issues that seem beyond our control. It leads you in the right direction, making you feel in control and in charge.

Henriette Menday,
Personal Assistant.

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